What people say

"Acupuncture really helped me overcome my chronic migraines; Julia is obviously a well-practiced practitioner and is capable of explaining her diagnosis in an easy to understand and succinct manner. Her holistic approach to treatment sets her apart from others and her clinics always have a relaxing, healing atmosphere."

AJ, male patient (17)


"She’s changed my life. I was struggling with sciatica, and at one stage was barely able to walk without taking strong painkillers. Other, conventional, treatments were ineffective and I was losing hope after many pysiotherapies, MRI’s and specialists were ineffective. She eliminated the pain and got me walking and weeding again."

AS, female patient (40)


"I came to see Julia on account of my chronic back pain, I had tried conventional western medicine but these seemed only to mask the pain. After only a few sessions with Julia I was already feeling relief from my symptoms and was astounded at the effect acupuncture had, not only on my back, but on my whole outlook. Thanks again Julia!"

DS, male patient (54)


"I came to see Julia because I had acupuncture reccomended to me by a friend. I was feeling stressed with work and generally sluggish but Julia’s relaxing and friendly treatment had me feeling a lot better in myself and left me feeling invigorated. I would definitely recommend acupuncture for a greater sense of wellbeing."

OG, female patient (28)